“Food without a story is just something to eat”

Andrew and I (Yvonne) were both born in the 60’s and brought up  in Norfolk only five miles apart.

We met  when we were just twelve years old and went through school together..

 Now skip forward forty two years, we found each other again and yes, we were both back in Norfolk and once again only a few miles apart.

 This time things were just a little more grown-up and after a lifetime apart we got married. 

 We have raised pigs, ducks and chickens and share a love of our home county and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

 We are most fortunate to live where we can grow fruit and veg and there is so much more just beyond the gate.

 We would love you to know where your food comes from, who has grown, picked or foraged each product. We will, where we can, provide a name, map or an address so you can trace the tree, shrub, garden or farm where it was harvested. 

Join us in our journey and discover how just knowing the story of your food can make it so much more than just something to eat.